You will never know
just how beautiful you are to me

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Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Ed Sheeran ruined my life. Idk why I like them.


Happy birthday to my favorite jerk → marsrobot

Well…i don’t know what to say haha uhmm I could spend hours here just to say good things about you because you are you! Understand? lol

I wish you the best. You’re very special to me and I’m so grateful to have persons like you in my life. Persons that I don’t need see to talk, to create feelings and friendships…that I trust and make me feel good. Persons like you.

You know…my english isn’t the best but is enough to say that you’re amazing and I wish your dreams come true and that our friendship grow more and more.

Don’t forget that I’m always here If you need to smile, scream, cry, idk haha <3

That’s it lEna. Happy birthday and thank you…thank you <3

ily jerk. :P haha

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