You will never know
just how beautiful you are to me

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Music is like my second life. Shows the way I act, the way I feel, the way I am. I'm addicted and I can't do anything about it. Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry are my treasure.


Happy birthday to my favorite jerkΒ β†’ marsrobot

Well…i don’t know what to say haha uhmm I could spend hours here just to say good things about you because you are you! Understand? lol

I wish you the best. You’re very special to me and I’m so grateful to have persons like you in my life. Persons that I don’t need see to talk, to create feelings and friendships…that I trust and make me feel good. Persons like you.

You know…my english isn’t the best but is enough to say that you’re amazing and I wish your dreams come true and that our friendship grow more and more.

Don’t forget that I’m always here If you need to smile, scream, cry, idk haha <3

That’s it lEna. Happy birthday and thank you…thank you <3

ily jerk. :P haha

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